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How to Apply

Students must be in good academic standing with at least a 2.00 GPA. For information, email the undergraduate advisor, Susan Kalter, in Stevenson 424J or call at (309) 438-8660.

Undergraduate Minor

Group II - Race and Ethnicity in the United States

Students must complete 4 courses from Group II, chosen from at least 2 departments or schools.

  • ANT 272 North American Indians
  • ANT 278 Introduction to Asian America
  • ANT 280 Cherokee Culture to 1830
  • ANT 384 North American Archaeology (formerly ANT 283)
  • CJS 308 Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice
  • CSD 375 Cultural Diversity in Communication Disorders
  • ECO 230 Economics of Difference:  Gender, Ethnicity, and Beyond
  • ENG 165 African American Literature
  • ENG 265 Foundations of African American Literature and Culture
  • ENG 266 Native American Literature and Culture
  • ENG 267 Foundations of U.S. Latino/a Literatures and Cultures
  • ENG 365 Movements and Periods in African American Literature and Culture
  • HIS 104.06 History of…Indigenous Peoples:  Native Americans [Outer Core--H]
  • HIS/SOC 111 American Diversity [Middle Core--UST]
  • HIS 257 African American History to 1865
  • HIS 258 African American History since 1865
  • HIS 264 History of Women in North America [Outer Core--SS]
  • HIS 284 The Atlantic World, 1450-1888
  • HIS 310 Native American History
  • HIS 315 Slavery and the Old South
  • IDS 121.29  Texts and Contexts:  Native Writers on Native Issues [Middle Core--LH]
  • IDS 121.37  Texts and Contexts:  Theatre and Film, Exploration of Black Identity in America [Middle Core--LH]
  • IDS 121.52 Texts and Contexts:  Introduction to Ethnic Studies (Ethnic Literatures) [Middle Core--LH]
  • MUS 153 Black Music [Outer Core--FA]
  • MUS 154 Black Music II [Outer Core--FA]
  • NUR 312 Domestic Studies in Transcultural Nursing (Nursing majors only)
  • PSY 327 Topics in Psychology and Diversity
  • SOC 109 Introduction to U.S. Latina/o Studies [Middle Core--UST]
  • SOC/HIS 111 American Diversity [Middle Core--UST]  same as HIS/SOC 111 above
  • SWK 310 Practice with Diverse Populations
  • TCH 110 Introduction to Multicultural Education (formerly C&I 110)
  • TCH 111 Teaching Diverse Student Populations (formerly C&I 111)
  • TCH 232 Urban Education (formerly C&I 232)
  • TCH 319 Study of Bilingual/Bicultural Education (formerly C&I 319)
  • TCH 320 Bilingual/Bicultural Program Design and Implementation (formerly C&I 320)
  • TCH 321 Bilingual/Bicultural Methods and Materials (formerly C&I 321)
  • TCH 322 Internship in Bilingual/Bicultural Education (formerly C&I 322)
  • THE 154 Introduction to Black Drama & Theatre

Courses taken in 2013 or before:

  • HIS 273 The Immigrant in American History (moved from Group I/old Group III; students entering under 2007-08 and earlier catalogs should consult with the director)
  • IDS 121.40  Texts and Contexts:  Invention of the Negro and the Evolution of His Music [Middle Core--LH]
  • IDS 121.41  Texts and Contexts:  Post Colonial Theatre of the Americas [Middle Core--LH]
  • POL 336 Latino Politics
  • TCH 312 Urban Field Experience (formerly C&I 312)

NOTE:  Other courses with appropriate content for Group II may be approved by the faculty director.  Courses in non-English U.S. literatures and cultures, if appropriate to the minor and the student’s focus as determined by the faculty director, will be approved.  HIS 104 and IDS 121 may be taken only once for credit.

The following additional course will be approved by the director for Art majors only for Group II:  ART 307 Art for Diverse Populations