Web Site for Ethnic Studies at Illinois State University

How to Apply

Students must be in good academic standing with at least a 2.00 GPA. For information, email the undergraduate advisor, Susan Kalter, in Stevenson 424J or call at (309) 438-8660.

Undergraduate Minor

 Group I - Ethnicity

For students in the 2014-16 catalog:  Students must complete at least 1 course from Group I.  (Students in earlier catalogs, please consult your catalog and the director.)

  • ANT 281 Principles of Ethnology
  • ANT 302 Ethnography (formerly ANT 285)
  • COM 272 Foundations of Intercultural Communication
  • COM 372 Theory and Research in Intercultural Communication
  • POL 334 Politics of Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality
  • SOC 264 Racial, Social Class, and Gender Inequality (formerly Minority Relations)
  • SOC 366 Contemporary Social Movements

NOTE:  Other courses with appropriate content for Group I may be approved by the faculty director.