Web Site for Ethnic Studies at Illinois State University

How to Apply

Students must be in good academic standing with at least a 2.00 GPA. For information, email the undergraduate advisor, Susan Kalter, in Stevenson 424J or call at (309) 438-8660.  You may also apply directly for the minor through iCampus.

Undergraduate Minor

Requirements of the Minor in Ethnic Studies:

Students in the minor must complete a minimum of 22 hours representing 8 courses as indicated from Groups I, II, and III.

At least 4 courses must be above the 100-level and no more than 3 courses may be from any one department or school.  (Sociology and Anthropology are treated as two different departments .)

Students may substitute departmental 287s, 298s, or 398s or IDS 287s, 298s, or 398s for one course in Group II and/or one course in Group III.

Students under catalogs earlier than 2014-16, please consult your catalog and the director.

Majoring in Ethnic Studies

Students interested in pursuing a major in this area may arrange their program of study through the Interdisciplinary Studies Major program.  Ask the Ethnic Studies director/advisor for details.

Affiliated Minors

Minors are also available in 3 specific areas:  African-American Studies (advisor Ron Gifford, History, rmgiffo@ilstu.edu); Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino/a Studies; and Native American Studies.

Information about global studies minors at Illinois State may be found at:

and through the History Department (African Studies; advisor Ron Gifford, rmgiffo@ilstu.edu) and the International Studies Program (advisor Allison Anson, 369 Fell Hall, alanson@ilstu.edu).