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Why minor in Ethnic Studies?

Aside from the intellectual stimulation and personal growth offered by this minor, students in all of our colleges and majors can benefit from a minor in Ethnic Studies.

Today's workforce and the global reach of many businesses and professions necessitate increased cross-cultural understanding and an appreciation for how factors such as race and nationality impact citizens around the world.


College of Business

Students in the College of Business can benefit from a minor in Ethnic Studies by learning more in depth about the diversity of the workforce in the United States, the historical reasons for its stratification by race and class, and the international cultures with which they will be expected to interact.

Majors in Management and Quantitative Methods, Marketing, International Business, Business Teacher Education, and Finance, Insurance, and Law will be particularly interested.

Mennonite College of Nursing

Nursing careers inherently bring the nursing student into contact with people from all walks of life.  Patients in hospitals and doctors' offices, elder care facilities and rehabilitation centers come from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds and might also have been born and raised in other countries.  This minor can help future nurses to understand "where my patient is coming from."  It can improve communication and provide the solid foundation of empathy that leads to truly caring for another.

College of Fine Arts

Students in all the majors of the College of Fine Arts will find this minor helpful to their future careers. 

Theatre majors will benefit from learning about the historical backgrounds of diverse populations to create more enriched representations in their productions. 

Music majors will find the minor compatible with their interests in ethnomusicology and the history and development of music within the United States from jazz to folk, from Paul Simon to Buena Vista Social Club. 

A major in Art is enhanced by the minor in Ethnic Studies because it gives the practitioner as well as the art historian and art educator a wider understanding of the contexts of multicultural movements in art and the global influences on modern art.

College of Education and Secondary Education majors

A minor in Ethnic Studies is vital for any future teacher. 

Most elementary and secondary schools are witnessing increasingly diverse student bodies.  They need teachers who understand the interaction between a student's personal history as influenced by race, ethnicity, indigeneity, and/or nationality and that same student's learning style, educational opportunities and challenges, and his or her parental and community support networks. 

College of Arts and Sciences

All of the contributing majors in the College of Arts and Sciences have been profoundly influenced by the national work in Ethnic Studies over the past 40 years since its inception.

Just a few careers for CAS graduates that would be enhanced by an Ethnic Studies minor include:  Public Policy, City Planning, Law, Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism, Clinical Psychology, Social Work, and Higher Education including Professorships and Academic/Student Support Services.

College of Applied Science and Technology

This minor will be particularly attractive to students in Criminal Justice Sciences, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences, Military Science, and Agriculture.